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The 2023 June issue

We are very excited to launch our new magazine. We’ve decided to share our magazine and allow everyone to read it digitally. 

We invite anyone who wishes, to support this venture with a voluntary gift (click here) towards its creation and distribution.


Be patient! The magazine can take 20-60 sec to load.

You can buy beautifully printed magazines and download the digital version for a small fee. You can pay with debit/credit card and Ideal.


Scroll down to the Care First World Magazine Shop below. 
Click on the products to find the information you need.
> Order Printed Magazines (can be ordered in many countries). 
> Order a Digital Magazine (can be ordered worldwide). 
> Send a printed magazine to someone as a gift. 


You are free to create an account with us to review your orders and more. Just tick the “Create an account” box on the Checkout page. Then you will receive an email after purchase to assist you to login.


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